Plan With Me: September

September came way too quickly but I cannot wait for school to start! This month I set up my planner (or my bullet journal) to accommodate for school and for work. I moved out of my A5 Moleskine into a Personal Planner because the cream pages of the Moleskine were triggers for too many of my headaches. I still love my Moleskine and will likely keep it for collections and blog planning, however, I opted for the white pages found in the Personal Planner. I love this new notebook because it is open for customization and the paper is so nice and smooth to write on. There’s a lot of pages, yet doesn’t feel heavy. Not going to lie…I ordered a second one and it arrived today and I couldn’t be happier!


Starting with my monthly overview, I created a page on the left as a September title page with a mini calendar because I find that my brain still needs an overview of the monthly calendar to stay organized and know where in the month I am.

On the right, I created a spread using a modified Calendex method, splitting it up into two sections: academic and others. While the original Calendex uses symbols that are referred to on another page, I simply write in the event or deadline on that day. If there are more than two things on a certain date, I will stick it in my notes so I don’t forget. The To-Do section is for monthly to dos and/or goals I want to accomplish this month.

On the bottom is a monthly income and a monthly expenses box. Monthly expenses is based on my credit card billing cycle so I’m hoping this section will help me realize how much I spend and if I make enough income to cover my expenses. And lastly, an S sticker for the month of September that I found from a really old scrapbook sticker set!


For my weekly, I created a one page spread on the left and saved room on the right for my daily tasks. I like to choose one colour scheme and stick to it for the week; this week was Aqua! On the left, I have a weekly overview, a habit tracker, a to do box, a meal planning box, a box at the bottom for upcoming events, and a monthly calendar. Previously, I had tested out using a monthly tracker but found that I didn’t always go back to it and fill it out, especially as I got busier.

Upon weekly reflection, I realized that the meal planning box was not working for me and so for next week, I am probably going to scrap that section and replace it with a homework and readings section for my classes. Everything else will stay the same.

On the right I write my dailies in a condensed form. The line down the middle is just a pencil marking to mark off two columns to fit all seven daily task lists as the week progresses. As the page fills up, I will go back and erase the pencil mark to give a clean look. I really like this method of writing dailies and plan on keeping it, along with my weekly overview spread, for the rest of the month.

Stationery used:

  • BIC Intensity Fine (Black)
  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliners (Aqua)
  • Zebra Mildliner (Aqua)
  • Scotch Expressions Washi Tape (Aqua)
  • Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

Leave a comment down below if you would like to see more of my bullet journal!

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