Plan With Me: October

I love October and all things Fall because I get to wear cozy sweaters and look at all the pretty leaves. I also hate October because midterms are always scheduled around my birthday so it leaves little time for me to celebrate with my friends. I guess that’s just life of a university student!

This month, my set up hasn’t changed too much. I did a monthly review page to see what worked and what didn’t for me last month and found a few things that didn’t work. If you saw my September Plan With Me, you will notice the differences.


What worked for my monthly spread:

  • The October page with the mini month view!

Here is what what didn’t work for me for my monthly spread:

  • Splitting up my calendar into academic and others. I found there wasn’t enough room for my appointments and sometimes I wasn’t sure if something fell into academic or others.
  • The to-do and notes sections stayed fairly empty because they were so big and I didn’t have much to write in them. I minimized them into two smaller boxes because I knew they would still be big enough to fit whatever I had to write in them.
  • I had a small expenses box that I didn’t use so instead I made it into a food budget box for the October spread.

This is what I added:

  • I added an upcoming box for November events so I wouldn’t have to keep flipping to the future log to quickly see if I had to prepare anything for November
  • The goals box is especially for this month because I have three exams this month so having goals about how I am going to do on those exams have really been a great motivation.

For my weeklies, I have been modifying it slightly each week to make it more efficient. My weeklies tend to be a one page spread on the left consisting of a weekly overview, a tracker, a to-do box, an upcoming box, a mini month calendar, and an empty box that kept changing until I found the best thing to put there. In September, I started with trying a meal planning box but found there wasn’t enough space and I didn’t use it to plan my meals. I then changed it into a readings box for all my class readings I needed to do, which worked, but as I fell behind, I found that I needed more room for all the readings I missed, and I needed to separate those from the readings I needed to do for the next week.

What worked for my weekly spread:

  • Weekly overview! One of my favourite parts of my weekly spread.
  • Mini month overview calendar
  • Upcoming events box
  • Dailies on the right page
  • tracker box worked for the most part (I sometimes got lazy ~ hehe)

What didn’t work for my weekly spread:

  • Meal planning boxes
  • Certain habits I was tracking
  • To-do boxes still were too big with a lot less things to put on there
  • Reading/homework box worked but was a little small with the increasing workload


What I added:

  • Split the readings box into two columns (this week and next week)
  • Made the readings box bigger and the tasks/to-dos box smaller
  • I tried the picture habit tracker…I love it but I can’t draw at all haha
  • Instead of using washi tape for my headers, I switched to just a strip of highlighter. I don’t know if I will switch back or not, but I love both styles.


This next week’s spread is probably one of my favourites. I know it doesn’t look any different than the last week’s spread but the colours are so pretty and I am just overall very happy with it. I think I have finally gotten over my bullet journal craze of trying to make everything colourful and pretty and have instead embraced the simplicity and minimalist bullet journal style that still reflects my own personality. I think this is an important lesson to learn. Everyone’s bullet journal is a reflection of what works for them and it is easy to get caught up in the craze of trying to make yours as pretty as others’.

Hope this is helpful and inspirational for you!

tiffany sign off

P.S. In the next couple of weeks, I hope to start some of my other sections in my blog. Send me any of your suggestions of what you would like to see me post about!

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