I Don’t Like My Bullet Journal Anymore?

Recently I have realized that the weekly/daily method of bullet journaling I was using last semester was no longer working for me. This made me a little sad because the system I had established worked so well and suddenly I had to quickly find a new system for the new school semester. Here is what I have come up with so far…

For Christmas, my parents gifted me an iPad Mini 2 and shortly after, my iPhone 5s broke down so I had to get a new phone. I opted for the iPhone 6s to keep with the Apple family for the time being. I realized that using the calendar that synced to my computer, phone, and iPad was actually very efficient and helped me to plan out my time. By seeing the week at a glance and being able to see what blocks of time I would not be available actually helped me sort out my events quicker. In addition, putting reminders into my calendar helps me remember what I need to do since writing reminders down in my bullet journal was fine but I would forget 50% of what I needed to do if I did not consult my bullet journal on the spot.


This is just an example of what my calendar would look like with all its events and colours.


This is something that I did in high school but did not work for me in the first couple years of university. For some reason, it is now becoming helpful once again. I colour coordinate events to distinguish between their nature (school, appointment, reminder, etc.). So what does that leave my paper bullet journal?

I had considered using my iPad to move my bullet journal into digital format but found that it was not something I could figure out how to do quickly. There would have to be a lot of trial and error with stylus’, apps, features, and layouts, all which I would not have time to do.  In the end, I decided to ditch the weekly layouts for a more flexible daily system with a section for ongoing to-dos, kind of like a dump page, and a monthly view instead of a weekly view of what readings I need to have done and when. The specifics have not been set in stone so pictures and a new post will be made once it was been officially set up. I’m pretty excited to see how this system works out for me!

Stay tuned for updates!

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One thought on “I Don’t Like My Bullet Journal Anymore?

  1. anhistorianabouttown says:

    I found that I wasn’t using my regular planner, so I switched to a bullet journal. Ir does suck when you feel like you have finally nailed down your system and then it doesn’t “fit” you anymore, but at least you already have a new one in place! (I use my Google Calendar as much as my planner.) Happy planning! 🙂


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