The Tea Life

Have you ever wanted a tea that tasted great, with lots of health benefits, and not ridiculously expensive? I have the perfect tea for you. Propolis Tea!

First off, what is Propolis?

Propolis, in simple terms, is essentially bee glue. Honeybees collect resin from flowers and sap flows, tree buds, etc. and mix with waxes, saliva, pollen, and balsams. Sounds a little gross but hey, we eat weirder things right? Well, with everything that honeybees produce, propolis is one of the most versatile and most beneficial to the maintenance of your health. Propolis comes with a whole host of properties that can help to boost your immune system. These properties include anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and much more. Seriously, propolis is extremely cool and if you have the time, do a little research and find out what it can do for you!

Okay, now what does that have to do with tea?

Well, my friends, I was given the opportunity to try out some of this fabulous tea before the company, Propolis Tea Co. was officially launched. An old friend of mine, Jonathan Piechnik, started this company to incorporate propolis and its health benefits with something that is easily consumed, tea. All over Asia and slowly being introduced in North America, propolis has been finding its way into various beauty and wellness markets such as in cosmetics, personal hygiene products, and overall health. He wanted to give the audience a product that can be easily consumed without the chore of downing pills every day. Tea was a great idea because the market for tea is huge, however, propolis in tea is a whole other story! You can reap the benefits of propolis just by brewing yourself a cup of tea, something that many people do on a regular basis.

I was so excited when I got my first bag of Propolis Tea. I had received Gunpowder Green Tea back in the summer and let me tell you one thing: the smell of propolis is delicious and amazing. It never really goes away once you open the tea bag, but you won’t even be mad. It is packaged as loose leaf tea, making it incredibly flexible to however much tea you want to make. The gunpowder green tea is quite bitter if over steeped so do be careful if you are not a fan of strong tea. I was not a fan of green tea before but this has really changed my mind. Honestly, I am pretty hooked on green tea now, especially this one with its hint of propolis.
Smells amazing: 10/10

Propolis doesn’t have a strong flavour despite its smell. It doesn’t take away from the tea’s original flavour, nor does it change it in any noticeable way. I have sensitive taste buds so there is hint of propolis in the tea. I personally believe it enhances the tea’s flavour and adds a smidge of sweetness. Typically, green tea has some bitterness to it, but the tea is such great quality and mixed with propolis, the bitterness is savoury and not at all a turn off for those like my boyfriend who don’t enjoy tea. As mentioned before, steeping time and amount of leaves used are very important in making sure the tea turns out perfectly and not too bitter. I am pretty lazy and forgetful so I tend to leave my tea for too long. Despite that, I have never disliked a cup of tea I have made with these tea leaves.
Tastes great: 9/10

In January, my boyfriend and I alternated being sick for most of the month. He is a huge anti-medication type of person and refuses to take meds of any sort unless it was absolutely necessary. About two days into him being sick, I suddenly remembered that I had this bag of tea still sitting around. How I hadn’t finished it before then is a wonder to me! I made him a cup of propolis tea and was surprised I didn’t have to force him to drink it. Even as someone who doesn’t like tea, he drank it all and even asked for seconds. The next day, his throat hurt a lot less and his cough was a much less severe. Between the two of us being sick all month, this tea was a lifesaver and made the entire time more bearable. Whether or not you believe in propolis’ health benefits, I have to say that they work and they work like a gem. Imagine if propolis tea was in your daily routine. I bet that in no time, you would see an improvement in your overall health. So head over to Propolis Tea Co. to grab a bag and see what it can do for you!
Health benefits: 9.5/10

To find out more about propolis and the company itself, check out their website!


Header photo courtesy of Propolis Tea Co.

One thought on “The Tea Life

  1. Doreen Wensley says:

    I have had this tea when I made it very strong … no bitterness. I have had this tea very weak when I’ve added more water ..and even a 3rd time, more water … it remains delicious whether it’s weak or strong. Love the ‘perfume’; love the flavor; and maybe I should not have done this, but I left the tea in my infuser for 2 days and decided to try it anyway … yup .. it was still exceptionally delicious. I was not a tea drinker but I am now. Excellent !


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