I Don’t Like My Bullet Journal Anymore?

Recently I have realized that the weekly/daily method of bullet journaling I was using last semester was no longer working for me. This made me a little sad because the system I had established worked so well and suddenly I had to quickly find a new system for the new school semester. Here is what I have come up with so far…

For Christmas, my parents gifted me an iPad Mini 2 and shortly after, my iPhone 5s broke down so I had to get a new phone. I opted for the iPhone 6s to keep with the Apple family for the time being. I realized that using the calendar that synced to my computer, phone, and iPad was actually very efficient and helped me to plan out my time. By seeing the week at a glance and being able to see what blocks of time I would not be available actually helped me sort out my events quicker. In addition, putting reminders into my calendar helps me remember what I need to do since writing reminders down in my bullet journal was fine but I would forget 50% of what I needed to do if I did not consult my bullet journal on the spot.


This is just an example of what my calendar would look like with all its events and colours.


This is something that I did in high school but did not work for me in the first couple years of university. For some reason, it is now becoming helpful once again. I colour coordinate events to distinguish between their nature (school, appointment, reminder, etc.). So what does that leave my paper bullet journal?

I had considered using my iPad to move my bullet journal into digital format but found that it was not something I could figure out how to do quickly. There would have to be a lot of trial and error with stylus’, apps, features, and layouts, all which I would not have time to do.  In the end, I decided to ditch the weekly layouts for a more flexible daily system with a section for ongoing to-dos, kind of like a dump page, and a monthly view instead of a weekly view of what readings I need to have done and when. The specifics have not been set in stone so pictures and a new post will be made once it was been officially set up. I’m pretty excited to see how this system works out for me!

Stay tuned for updates!

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Plan With Me: October

I love October and all things Fall because I get to wear cozy sweaters and look at all the pretty leaves. I also hate October because midterms are always scheduled around my birthday so it leaves little time for me to celebrate with my friends. I guess that’s just life of a university student!

This month, my set up hasn’t changed too much. I did a monthly review page to see what worked and what didn’t for me last month and found a few things that didn’t work. If you saw my September Plan With Me, you will notice the differences.


What worked for my monthly spread:

  • The October page with the mini month view!

Here is what what didn’t work for me for my monthly spread:

  • Splitting up my calendar into academic and others. I found there wasn’t enough room for my appointments and sometimes I wasn’t sure if something fell into academic or others.
  • The to-do and notes sections stayed fairly empty because they were so big and I didn’t have much to write in them. I minimized them into two smaller boxes because I knew they would still be big enough to fit whatever I had to write in them.
  • I had a small expenses box that I didn’t use so instead I made it into a food budget box for the October spread.

This is what I added:

  • I added an upcoming box for November events so I wouldn’t have to keep flipping to the future log to quickly see if I had to prepare anything for November
  • The goals box is especially for this month because I have three exams this month so having goals about how I am going to do on those exams have really been a great motivation.

For my weeklies, I have been modifying it slightly each week to make it more efficient. My weeklies tend to be a one page spread on the left consisting of a weekly overview, a tracker, a to-do box, an upcoming box, a mini month calendar, and an empty box that kept changing until I found the best thing to put there. In September, I started with trying a meal planning box but found there wasn’t enough space and I didn’t use it to plan my meals. I then changed it into a readings box for all my class readings I needed to do, which worked, but as I fell behind, I found that I needed more room for all the readings I missed, and I needed to separate those from the readings I needed to do for the next week.

What worked for my weekly spread:

  • Weekly overview! One of my favourite parts of my weekly spread.
  • Mini month overview calendar
  • Upcoming events box
  • Dailies on the right page
  • tracker box worked for the most part (I sometimes got lazy ~ hehe)

What didn’t work for my weekly spread:

  • Meal planning boxes
  • Certain habits I was tracking
  • To-do boxes still were too big with a lot less things to put on there
  • Reading/homework box worked but was a little small with the increasing workload


What I added:

  • Split the readings box into two columns (this week and next week)
  • Made the readings box bigger and the tasks/to-dos box smaller
  • I tried the picture habit tracker…I love it but I can’t draw at all haha
  • Instead of using washi tape for my headers, I switched to just a strip of highlighter. I don’t know if I will switch back or not, but I love both styles.


This next week’s spread is probably one of my favourites. I know it doesn’t look any different than the last week’s spread but the colours are so pretty and I am just overall very happy with it. I think I have finally gotten over my bullet journal craze of trying to make everything colourful and pretty and have instead embraced the simplicity and minimalist bullet journal style that still reflects my own personality. I think this is an important lesson to learn. Everyone’s bullet journal is a reflection of what works for them and it is easy to get caught up in the craze of trying to make yours as pretty as others’.

Hope this is helpful and inspirational for you!

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P.S. In the next couple of weeks, I hope to start some of my other sections in my blog. Send me any of your suggestions of what you would like to see me post about!

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Bullet Journal For School

School was drawing near so I decided to turn my new Personal Planner notebook into my school bullet journal. I have now completed my set up and can share it with all of you! I’ve mentioned before that my previous bullet journal was being re-purposed to keep all my collections in there, and so, this new notebook was going to be my every day planner/school bullet journal. I absolutely love this inspirational notebook cover. As someone who is constantly stressed out and anxious about school, it is a good reminder that no matter what is going on in my life, I can still be capable of accomplishing what I came here to do.


I set up my bullet journal like any other bullet journal, starting with an index page and a goals page. My index page differs from most index pages because I have split it into two columns: Calendars and Collections. Since the majority of my collections are in my Moleskine, the collections in this journal are all school-based. The goals I have chosen for my goals page are all goals that I want to reach by the end of this next school year. They range from school related goals, to financial, to blogging and extracurricular goals.


Failures are only failures when we don’t learn from them…because when we learn from them, they become LESSONS. – Jay Shetty


This next page is my Fall Semester Calendex. This layout was inspired by Carrie Crista on YouTube. She has been one of my biggest inspirations for bujo layouts and learning about how to begin bullet journaling. I love her videos and when she posted a video on how to use your bullet journal for school, I knew this was the method I wanted to try out for the next semester.

As you can see, the months are vertically displayed and the horizontal lines indicate when a week has ended. I started my weeks on the Monday to stay consistent with the way school is structured. On the right corner of the page, I have a small section for goals for the first semester. Underneath that is the key for all my symbols. Each course has its own colour so when there is an exam for the blue History course, I write in my calendex an E in blue. It is pretty self-explanatory but if you still do not understand it, check out Carrie’s video because she does a great job of explaining how to use a Calendex, especially for school.


The next spread I have is my class schedule for the school year. I feel like that explains itself hahah. You basically take the schedule that your school has already generated out for you and copy it into your bullet journal. Simple enough right?

On the right, I have a program planning spread. I am aiming to finish with a Honors Specialization in Psychology. There are so many classes and requirements we need to take that trying to remember which courses you have taken and which ones you want to take can get a little daunting. On your university website, there should be a section that tells you what courses you need to complete your degree. If you can’t find it, talk to an academic counselor and they can help you figure out what you need to complete your degree. I wrote out all the courses that I was interested in taking (or in this case, the courses that I have already taken). To ensure that I didn’t miss any courses, I highlighted the course and the corresponding requirement in the same colour. On the (blurred) right hand column, I wrote down the grade I finished the course with in order to quickly calculate my average. On the next page, I repeated the same method for tracking the courses I needed to take for my History Minor.


After my two program planning spreads, I wrote down the lecture schedules for each of my 5 courses this semester. Starting with the course code and course name at the top, I added the class information and the information for contacting or meeting my prof below it. I included the course breakdown and any important dates. Then I copied the lecture schedule for the course syllabus so I would be able to easily refer back to this page when searching for the required reading for each week. If there was still room at the bottom of the page, I would include a grade tracker so I can see what grades I was receiving and how I need to improve for the final exam.


Lastly, I created a spread for my daily breakdown and study plan. While I will not be using the daily breakdown every day, it is a quick reference for me to see my day at a glance. I can quickly figure out when I am usually free and schedule in appointments where appropriate. Since this is just an overview of my week based on my school schedule, it was not meant to be a daily planner. I plan on using this spread as a reference when I make my weeklies for things such as scheduling times when I can go to the gym, or when I have time to make food. The study plan spread shows me which days are dedicated to studying for which courses. This way I can stay on top of my readings and notes without feeling too overwhelmed. While this may not be a permanent study plan, it is a good start for me to organize and give myself enough time to prepare for the following week.


I have a couple other spreads that I have not currently made yet since school is only beginning. Those include an essay planning spread and an assignment check-list. If you would like to see those spreads, leave a comment or like this post and I will make a part two for this post. Thanks for reading and I hope this inspires you for using your bullet journal for school!

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Plan With Me: September

September came way too quickly but I cannot wait for school to start! This month I set up my planner (or my bullet journal) to accommodate for school and for work. I moved out of my A5 Moleskine into a Personal Planner because the cream pages of the Moleskine were triggers for too many of my headaches. I still love my Moleskine and will likely keep it for collections and blog planning, however, I opted for the white pages found in the Personal Planner. I love this new notebook because it is open for customization and the paper is so nice and smooth to write on. There’s a lot of pages, yet doesn’t feel heavy. Not going to lie…I ordered a second one and it arrived today and I couldn’t be happier!


Starting with my monthly overview, I created a page on the left as a September title page with a mini calendar because I find that my brain still needs an overview of the monthly calendar to stay organized and know where in the month I am.

On the right, I created a spread using a modified Calendex method, splitting it up into two sections: academic and others. While the original Calendex uses symbols that are referred to on another page, I simply write in the event or deadline on that day. If there are more than two things on a certain date, I will stick it in my notes so I don’t forget. The To-Do section is for monthly to dos and/or goals I want to accomplish this month.

On the bottom is a monthly income and a monthly expenses box. Monthly expenses is based on my credit card billing cycle so I’m hoping this section will help me realize how much I spend and if I make enough income to cover my expenses. And lastly, an S sticker for the month of September that I found from a really old scrapbook sticker set!


For my weekly, I created a one page spread on the left and saved room on the right for my daily tasks. I like to choose one colour scheme and stick to it for the week; this week was Aqua! On the left, I have a weekly overview, a habit tracker, a to do box, a meal planning box, a box at the bottom for upcoming events, and a monthly calendar. Previously, I had tested out using a monthly tracker but found that I didn’t always go back to it and fill it out, especially as I got busier.

Upon weekly reflection, I realized that the meal planning box was not working for me and so for next week, I am probably going to scrap that section and replace it with a homework and readings section for my classes. Everything else will stay the same.

On the right I write my dailies in a condensed form. The line down the middle is just a pencil marking to mark off two columns to fit all seven daily task lists as the week progresses. As the page fills up, I will go back and erase the pencil mark to give a clean look. I really like this method of writing dailies and plan on keeping it, along with my weekly overview spread, for the rest of the month.

Stationery used:

  • BIC Intensity Fine (Black)
  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliners (Aqua)
  • Zebra Mildliner (Aqua)
  • Scotch Expressions Washi Tape (Aqua)
  • Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

Leave a comment down below if you would like to see more of my bullet journal!

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